Consignor FAQ


Do I need an appointment to consign?

Yes! For larger pieces of furniture we ask that you send us photos of your items to our consignment department at where we will get back to you from Monday-Friday. Once your items have been approved the scheduling of your appointment can be done via email or phone call at (519) 658-6398.

Will you pick-up the items I want to consign?

You are responsible for the transportation and handling of your piece into the store as we DO NOT offer pick-up. However, we are more than happy to provide you with the contact information of some local movers and other options for possible transport.

When will my items be processed?

Consigned items are placed into our inventory as space permits! As we receive hundreds of items each week back log does happen, but our consignment team works as quickly as possible to make your items available for sale. But don't worry! Everything is stored safely in our receiving area with your consignor ID used to label each of your items. 

*Your 90 day consignment term DOES NOT start until your item is placed on the showroom floor.


What is the consignment term?

Next Time Around partners with our consignors on a 40/60 split with an 80-day consignment period. We will appraise and price your items, photograph, display and handle all marketing to get your items sold!

What happens if my items don't sell during my consignment period?

If your item does not sell in its 80-day consignment period, you have a 10-day INGRACE period where you can come pick up your item. Please bring your own method of transporting your items home with you such as bags, boxes, wrapping and help to lift heavier pieces! However, if you do not come to pick up your pieces within this period, the item becomes store property.


How do I login to my consignor account?

To view your account online you can select the "Consignor Access" tab in our menu which will direct you to the login page OR you can click here. You will then enter your Consignor ID and password. Feel free to call us during store hours at (519) 658-6398 if you have any questions.

I can't find one of my items on my consignor account. What do I do?

Items are placed on the showroom floor as space permits- your consignment account updates automatically through our software as your items are priced and are in inventory. If some of your items are NOT showing on your consignment account, it just means that they haven't hit the showroom floor just yet. But rest assured that your items are safely stored and are in good hands before they find new homes! 

If you have any further concerns you can email our consignment department at or call us at (519) 658-6398.

Will you contact me when my items have sold?

As we have an abundance of people and consignors in our system, Next Time Around does not call or email you when an item has sold. Your consignment account is your main source of tracking your items and will update as your items sell! 

To view your account online, please visit here.


When can I pick up a cheque?

We issue cheques on the 10th of the month following the sale of your item.  For instance, if you item sells in the month of January, you may pick up a cheque anytime on or after February 10th. You can come by during store hours to pick up your cheque as there is no appointment necessary. 

REMINDER: We only issue cheques if the balance is over $20.00, otherwise your balance will remain as a store credit until it is used to purchase products in store or accumulates to a balance above $20.00.

Can I use my proceeds as a store credit?

Yes! You can use your store credit immediately.

What happens if I forget to pick up a cheque?

Cheques go stale after 6 months if you do not pick them up. So please ensure that you come by to pick up your cheque.


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