Why Become a Vendor?


An Understanding & Supportive Community-Based Approach!

Our devoted customer base and 10+ years of experience are here to help you as a vendor succeed in your small business endeavors. We are here to support YOU as we take the marketing of your business to a whole new level through our ever-growing social media following on various platforms. 

Next Time Around is more than a business, we are a family. Our main goal is to help you as a vendor have the best experience possible by going the extra mile. Next Time Around's caring staff understands the importance of customer service and guidance as you launch your booth.

Not convinced yet? Here's why you should choose Next Time Around: 

  • There are no work requirements. We work for you so you can build your own business.
  • Staff and mentors are ready to assist you with your space.
  • We offer amenities such as: an interactive software program where you can enter your own inventory, track sales, payouts, etc; a workshop space (that you can rent to work on projects or host workshops); equipment for easy load in of product and much more!
  • Multiple selling opportunities and events throughout the year.

We believe that working together helps us all achieve more, help grow the Next Time Around family and be a part of a business that will be there for you on your journey to success. With this in mind, we will be deliberate in minimizing multiple vendors offering the same items (for example: only one vendor will be able to sell soy-based candles in mason-style jars). We also ask that you don't put your products in another store within a 5-km radius. Pop-up shows are absolutely fine!

A Business Model That Looks Out For YOU!

Upon completion of your vendor application and acceptance to The Market you will be:

  • Given your own Vendor ID and the chance to enter all your items into our software program and listed on our website live. When your product sell, we automatically credit your account.
  • Promoted through our carefully curated events and classes that drive traffic to the store.
  • Given the peace of mind of not having to collect and pay the HST, we do that for you!
  • Your business will be promoted and advertised on social media using proven and current marketing methods.
  • Given a cheque once a month for all of your sales.
  • Granted access to a Vendor Account where you can view a live report of all the items you have sold at your storefront in The Market.

Available Vendor Rental Spaces!

*Larger spaces available upon request, please inquire at vendors@nexttimearound.ca

 Download The Market Booklet HERE.